Landscaping Plans

It's winter but I know there is lots of work to do to get our garden prepped for summer. First of I needed a plan. I had a book on landscaping which by no means makes me a pro-- it's just something I find really fun! So I spend lots of hours measuring and finding out what plants I want to grow in both the garden and landscaping. For our new house, I'm trying to do a mix of edible landscaping and traditional landscaping. The lot we are on is only .3 acres so I want to make the most of every foot. We are hoping down the road to be able to purchase the lot next door bringing us closer to-- but not quite an acre. But I drew up this plan for this year because even if we buy the lot soon, it will cost a substantial amount to clear trees and put up a big privacy fence around the yard.

Our veggie garden will be fenced because deer are around everyday. So for the preliminary plan we are thinking we will do a stiff cattle metal fence framed with wood. I am hoping they don't eat the other fruits I have throughout the rest of the yard. Here are the plans thus far, which are definitely subject to change :) ...

The graph on the left is the existing landscape. On the right is the future landscape. Each tiny square on the graph equals one foot.

Here are current pictures of the front so you can see where I'm coming from a little bit. I will post pictures of backyard soon.