Our area has a lot of trees. As a result, some tree cutting was in order to make sure my vegetable garden gets enough sun. We actually had to purchase a chain saw to get the job done. We figure it will pay for itself because the wood we cut we will use for heating our house.

I marked X's on all the trees I wanted chopped down. And Cameron dutifully began chopping away.

Small easy ones first then on to the harder ones. I wish I had taken a before picture to explain this better but I'll do my best here.

On one of the bigger trees, Cameron made his notch cut (in the right place to fall away from the house) then his back cut. But the tree (lets call it tree 1 so you can keep track) just wasn't budging and the chainsaw kept getting stuck in the tree so he notched the back cut to get in deeper (big mistake). As a result the tree started to fall towards the house but luckily landed on the two adjacent trees branches and held there. We decided we needed to cut one of the adjacent trees (tree 2) to get the other to fall. At this point it was too late to get it to fall the way it was suppose to. So we tried to figure out the best place for it to land. Tree 2 needed to land between the shed and house and tree 1 on the shaded garden next to the house. We measured with our thumb how high we thought the trees were- 50 ft was the guess. So to keep the trees from missing the house Cam sawed as high as he could reach. I went to the front yard with the kids and watched as Cameron cut the trees (all the while praying they would not hit the house). By a miracle, the trees landed exactly where we planned. Tree 1 was literally less than a foot from the house.  I made a little diagram of where they landed because I didn't take a good picture. 

Feeling macho now (not so much a few minutes prior) haha

 The kids were awesome helpers. We told them they could earn 10 cents a log if they loaded them into the wagon, hauled them to the pile, then unloaded them. Between them, they earned over $10 on the first day and $7 the second. Not too bad for a 6 and 3 year old! And by the second day little D was even trying to help!

After day one of wood cutting. We ended up with about double that.