Front Landscaping

I was feeling really under pressure to get my front garden bed dug out before the grass came out of dormancy. Since all the sod we would dig up would get relocated and reused in a new spot it needed to be done quickly.

I started last week doing a little bit at a time when I could with the kids. Kian and Dax played for hours with a trickle of water coming out of the garden hose. I got a lot done but the kids were a mess when we finished for the day!

Kian's shirt saying is fitting for this picture right?!

Over the weekend, I enlisted Camerons help. I woke up early and got started before everyone else. Then everyone came out and started helping and we really got a lot done. 

I took a break for food. It was maybe 20 minutes. I came outside and wow, Cameron had it pretty much done!