Indoor seeds- 7 days later...

Yesterday, my one of my tomato seedlings finally came up. And today there are lots more, including some of the basil.

Now that they are finally up, I could see how my light set up was working. The result? Well the shop light I brought up from my art room was on one side, and the specialty "plant" light on the other. I just find it funny the all the seedlings grew towards (you guessed it) the regular old shop light. So I packed up those "plant" lights and they went right back to home depot today. And I got some more 5000k (mine fits T12's) lights. They are half the price of the specialty ones too.

Another thing I found is that my window is a bit cool, so I've been taking the seedlings down by the fire at night to sleep :) During the day, they go back up to my bedroom under the lights. I'm hoping that warmth from the fire will help my peppers germinate.