Indoor seeds

I finally got some of my seeds started inside.

When I first moved to Arkansas from Idaho (5 years ago!), I started seeds that year too. But growing seeds here was different because that first year all my seedlings ended up suffering from diseases because there is so much moisture in the air here.

After that year, I direct seeded everything or bought bigger plants from a nursery.

I'm giving the indoor seed starting another chance and I'm doing 2 things different this time around. First of all, I'm not using the "greenhouse" cover they give you for seed trays. And second, I invested in some extra light. I grabbed a shop fixture and plant florescent lights from Home Depot. I'm using that and my window to make sure those little seedlings have enough light and don't get leggy.

They are hanging out in my bedroom on the window seat. After hanging the light I realized my seed tray was wider than the area of light. I grabbed my other fluorescent light that I use
in my painting room and put next to the other and it was better. I'll probably return the one I got for a 4 bulb light.  Also, after reading online it said you could use a regular 4000k to 5000k fluorescent and it would be fine. I'll definitely update on how it goes since its all an experiment for me.

I know its kind of a makeshift set up but it's only for a little while :)

So far for seedlings I'm planting:

  • Cherry tomatoes- I've saved the best seeds for these for 3 years and they are great producers and fairly bug resistant
  • Amish Paste tomatoes- planted last year
  • Pantano Romanesco tomatoes- planted last year
  • California Wonder peppers
  • Serrano Peppers- planted last year liked them in salsa!
  • Sweet Basil
  • Genovese Basil
  • Cosmos
I ordered some more seeds too that came today!! It's exciting even though we still have snow outside. I will share my spoils soon.