My garden plan and Cruz's

Remember yesterday how I said the curved wall was good? Can you see why? Yes, It allows for an entrance and a place for the door to swing open. Also, plenty of room to bring a cart full of dirt or anything else inside.  "t"'s are tomatoes that will grow up the back fence. Solid line beds are raised and framed with wood and dotted line ones are just mounded dirt, no wood. The raspberries aren't in the fenced area because I don't think the deer will bother them much. I haven't planned were all my other plants will go because this is subject to change once the fence goes in.
 This is option #2 for the garden perimeter plan. Plantings would be pretty much the same.  Circles represent some kind of paving stones for in front of the door.

While I was drawing my plan, Cruz drew his. I think its so cute! Inside the large box is me in the garden. Then Cruz was nice enough to draw an extra garden (top) and to the left is our house. I told Cruz I loved how big my garden was compared to the house haha! Hopefully someday that will happen...