New seeds!

A big part of the fun for me in gardening is planting interesting varieties that I wouldn't find in an ordinary grocery store. But of course that needs to be balanced with things I know we will eat.

A few of my seeds are inspired by my sister Amy who planted these last year and they looked yummy.  (Sorrel, ground cherries, lemon grass, thai basil)

The marshmallow herb I read is a natural remedy for acid reflux, which plagues me constantly.
Also, I will probably use it to make home made marshmallows since that's how they used to be made.

The huckleberries I've never tried before. Although I just read the seed package and it says they are poisonous when still green... which may be a problem with a certain 2 year old (last year he ate a large portion of our raspberries while they were still hard, white and unripe). So those will probably have to wait another year just to be safe.

Purslane and watercress- I know most people consider them weeds and I could probably find them in my backyard, but not in large enough amounts. I have a green smoothie book that I love and she suggests all kinds of greens- these being 2 of them.

The lemon squash had reviews about it that said it was squash bug resistant which I will definitely try since they are a huge problem here!

I hope they all grow because I'm excited to try them!