Retaining Wall- Day 5 (shaping shotcrete)

 The snow has finally melted enough that the guys came back to work. They started by taking off the forms on the large wall.

 Then they sprayed the concrete. It came out a big blob like mess.

Then they shaped it. The large back wall will be filled with dirt so that's why only the top is finished.

 Back view. I love how it came out here. Too bad you can't really see it unless you go for a walk in the woods :) There is a trail behind our house for real though.

 As I wrote earlier, we will be fencing in the garden area in side the walls. The fence will be a rectangle which leaves some extra area where the bottom wall curves. For that reason, you may be wondering why we curved the bottom wall. Well, the initial plan was to do just a lower wall. But when Randy came, he said that there is a minimum amount of concrete that needs to be used and the lower wall wasn't enough. So then we decided to do it terraced adding the upper small wall. In order to maximize the space inside the fence we did that wall more straight. So I kind of wish I had designed things better but in the end, it actually worked out well. I will post tomorrow about the garden plan and you'll see why :)