Getting ready for a fence

The garden area is finally filled and level. 

 Here we staked out were the fence will go. In case your wondering the upper area of grass is slightly sloped and we will eventually level that out by adding some dirt and maybe sod if the bermuda doesn't grow through. Its kind of hard to describe in words but it will be a more terraced look.

 To dig the fence post holes we rented an auger. If you are familiar with the area and our soil you know why! All was going well until we ran into a little problem...

If look close in this picture you can see it. The auger made a nice hole in our septic leach line. Major bummer! Thankfully it's just in the drain field and was completely dry inside from what we could see. Cameron just ran to the store to grab some more pipe and couplers to fix it. Got to love those unexpected surprises!