What's been happening lately

Last week was a hard week. Cameron's boss was in town which means he is gone all day and doesn't make it home till after the kids are in bed during the week. And then he left Friday to go to a Boy Scout camp out and made it home Saturday at 9pm. Normally, I would be able to handle it okay. But I was sick several of those days. And it was spring break week so Cruz was home all day and Kian and Dax didn't have preschool on Wednesday which equals zero Mommy time. So long story short, nothing extra got done last week.

And then Monday morning I was making breakfast and Dax quietly sneaked into my room and did this...

I was sad. But luckily he only picked a few little seedlings. And they are just little plants that got hurt and thankfully not little people. So I reminded myself of that and moved on.   You want to know something crazy though? I attempted to replant a bunch of that basil he picked and it survived. A tender mercy.

The kids go to preschool today so I can paint and I woke up to a note from Cam that said "I got this. Go back to sleep".  He woke up early took Cruz to school and then hung out with Kian and Dax for an hour at his work until he took them to school. Definitely helps make up for last weeks miserable days :)

We are going to stake out with string where the fence will go this weekend in between Conference. Hopefully even get some fence posts in. I'm excited to make some more progress!