Garden beds have compost!

The compost was finally ready on Saturday! Cam and I worked on the garden from 9am to 9pm. We had a couple breaks here and there but it was mostly work. The kids even pitched in a bunch. It took 3 loads of compost to fill the beds. I mixed in some peat moss too to lighten things up.

We did 4 x 10's made of 1inch cedar plus the mound you see next to the fence is a "raised bed" of sorts just without the wood. I'm putting tomatoes, cucumbers, and tomatillos there to grow up the fence.

 You can kind of see in this picture we finished the chicken wire which covers the bottom 3ft for the small critters.

I bought this organic fabric to use as ground cover for the tomatoes. When I opened it I realized why it was on sale at Lowes. It was paper! Along with the ground cover idea, I got it so that the kids would know not to step there. But since it's paper it needs to be covered with mulch. Thus defeating the purpose I got it. Sigh.

As you can tell from the pics about it was almost night. I was feeling so behind on my planting I put on my flashlight and worked for an hour in the dark to get my seedlings I started inside in the ground. I got some good protein by sucking in some of the bugs(not on purpose of course) that surrounded my headlamp haha :) Today I'll be planting more seeds directly in the garden. I'm so happy to be making progress :)