What's happening outside around the garden

When I put in the garden, we cut down 6 trees. Once the trees leafed out, I realized we needed to cut a few more. My garden gets exactly 6 hours of sunlight during the day which is ok but not great. I noticed my tomatoes are getting the start of a blight (it's been a cool, wet summer thus far) and I think more sunlight would help them. While my Mom and Jimmy were here we got rid of a few trees on the far west side. It took some effort considering now we had the garden to work around and didn't want trees falling on it.

The other problem was a branch that shaded only the tomatoes in the morning on the east side.  It wasn't necessary for the whole tree to come down since it was just the branch. But unfortunately the branch was 30ft high and our ladder only got up to about 20.

Cameron had told me about this cool thing called a rope saw were you could stand on the ground and cut the tree using what looks like the chain of a chain saw, hooked to a rope.

We practiced a bit first but knew it still got stuck on the branch fairly easy if you pull too hard.
Here's a video:

It worked!