Growing, growing, growing!

I was thinking I would post a garden update each month but I am seriously amazed at how fast things grow here sometimes. We went to a family reunion in Washington D.C. and were gone for 9 days. I was excited to see if my garden would see be alive when I got back. Yay! It was! I was surprised to see a few of my tomato plants grew at least a foot maybe more while we were gone. My neighbors told me it rained a lot which helps.

 This picture was taken May 31st.

 I took this 10 days after the above picture- June 9th. Crazy! Cruz loves going out there each day after school and looking at the plants. It's fun to see how much the kids enjoy gardening too.

Tomato close up


 Lemon Squash- I've been diligently checking for squash bugs under leaves and so far so good!

Ground Cherries. Its fun to see the little lanterns they grow in.

Basil which became last night's dinner- Pesto pasta :)