More landscaping

I mentioned in last weeks post Cam does stuff at super fast. It's definitely a good thing. But here I have some landscaping updates and no "before" pictures really.

Next to the propane tank, the previous owners planted forsythia bushes. They were literally 10 feet tall and 6 feet wide. It was difficult to walk around that corner of the house without hitting them. After a failed attempted to pull one out with the rope and the truck, Cam chopped them with the chainsaw.

As you can tell in the picture, the dirt area is how much space they covered. We gained back a ton of lawn. Unfortunately, the propane tank happens to be a huge eyesore. It looks worse than when we started so maybe it's good I have no before picture :)

We toyed around with the idea of a better looking fence around the propane tank. But we nixed that idea because we already have so many structures in the backyard. So for now I'm thinking a smaller plant to cover it would be good. Or at least something functional. I was hoping to plant some blueberry bushes here but it may not get enough sun. If that doesn't work I think we'll do some sort of ornamental grass maybe.

Update #2 is another chopped tree and more lawn space.

After the stump gets chopped down the rest of the way we will level out the last 10ish feet of lawn behind the shed as best we can.

#3 is more of a garden update. I've been looking for a natural way to preserve the cedar fence without it putting a bunch of chemicals in the soil and consequently our food. From web searches it seems linseed oil is the best thing. You can buy boiled linseed oil from your local hardware store but it has turpentine in it to help it dry faster. So not any more healthy than a staining your fence. I ordered this linseed oil from here.

 Here is a before. The fence is naturally graying and I don't think the oil will help too much with that but it does preserve the wood for longer.

Here is the after. I finished the outside but still need to work on the inside. You have to work around the weather as this stuff takes 4 days to dry!