Garden- September Update

 Cucumbers have finally come in. I guess I just planted them late so they came late. And apparently I planted too many again. Do you see the wall of cucumbers on the back? Whoops. But I suppose I'd rather have to many than too little! Tomatoes have been good too. We've made a bunch of tomato sauce, salsa, and have had them in and on everything. Squash are still producing. I need more recipes...

I've also been clearing out the beans and ground cherries to make room for fall plantings.
I started red romaine, bok choy, a couple types of kale, and collards inside a month ago. I got one of those soil blockers, which is suppose to help prevent transplant shock. They are definitely big and ready to go in the soil but its still way too hot outside.

I take them out a few hours each day to try and acclimate them but the butter type lettuce especially doesn't like it (as you can see in the picture). Hopefully things will cool off soon. I'll be directly planting some more carrots, spinach, and a type of broccoli that is suppose to overwinter then grow in spring when it gets cool.