Wood Shed

In the winter we heat our house entirely by the fireplace. Cameron is a fire starting pro and I on the other hand am the worst fire starter! A lot of the frustration for me came from the fact that our wood was always wet. Even though we had a tarp over it, or would store it in the garage for a few days to get it dry it always sizzled in the fire because of the moisture.

I read an article that said that even though wood is cut and "drying out" for a time, having it get rained on at all reverses the seasoning process. So to make fire starting easier for me we needed a more permanent covering for our wood.

We opted to move the wood pile behind the shed so it's not as much of an eyesore. Then Cameron added a roof over the top to keep it dry.  We went back and forth between a tin type roof and shingles. But it wasn't that much more to just do the shingles so we went for that. The structure is more about function than looking good though.

All done!