Garden Update- May

I actually took these pictures right at the beginning of May but it sometimes I'm behind on getting things updated :)

 From the back, parsley and broccoli, then kale, sweet potatoes, a random pepper plant, and then the little ones are bok choy.

 Strawberry are growing well. Supposedly its not good to let them fruit the first year so they can build a good root system. But I let them fruit because I really can't wait :)

 This is lettuce with tomatoes and peppers mixed in. I will have the lettuce all harvested by the time the other plants get big. With a tiny garden I have to plant as intensively as possible!!

 Winter Squash coming up by the peas.

 And an overall look. To the left is onions in those plastic cups. I had a cut worm eating all my onions at the base so I put the cups around them and it's been working thankfully. Other than that, the bugs have been mild so far. Last year, my kale was demolished by cabbage worms but this year, only a tiny bit of nibbling from them. I've been picking eggs off so I hope it stays that way :)

Also, I got my soil results back for the topsoil I put in last month. Nutrients are good but my PH is 5.7! I'm surprised my plants are growing at all when it's that low. I'm going to add a little lime to bring it up to where it should be.