Landscaping in the front yard- Part 1

This year, I'm beefing up my landscaping in the front yard. I wanted to continue with my original plan.

Remember this?

I added the landscaping right by the door and porch but so far, nothing by the driveway. So I wanted to cut out the herb beds in the front. But I decided the herbs weren't necessary (since I already planted them all out by the garden) and and wanted to incorporate more evergreens and my favorite flowers, peonies.

 Here's what it looked like out front a few weeks ago. Yes, the house is begging for a new coat of paint. But I have to be patient and work on one thing at a time. So landscaping first.
Here is where I started to cut out the bed.

The only problem was on the other side my flower bed would be in almost full shade because of this tree. It looks ok here but it was really a sad looking tree. We had to cut down a branch for the power lines, and another for the basketball hoop. And then Cruz attacked the tree with blue and yellow spray paint. Long story short, I decided the tree had to go. So I asked Cam while he was on a business trip if he could cut it down and he agreed. While he was gone, I got the pick axe out and worked on digging and cutting roots.
Cameron got home that night and on Saturday he was outside with his handy dandy chain saw. I was so excited I forgot to take any pictures of the take down. Bummer! To get the stump and roots out, Cam hooked the tree up with a heavy duty rope to his truck and pulled that sucker out. It was awesome!!

We were left with a huge hole and nasty weed grass so we decided to replace the weeds with bermuda sod. That required us to shovel out all the weeds and existing grass and level it out.

 Haha that's Cruz behind that giant sod roll.

 They were super heavy and Cruz just about fell over.

 Don't ask me what Kian is doing in the picture because I really don't know.

The sod is all in now and getting watered really good with all the rain. I'm hoping to plant the beds and then share the finished product next week!