New Sandbox

This sandbox has been long awaited by the boys. Long ago, Cameron found some deck timbers at the dump and recycled them by making a frame for the sandbox.

We had to wait until the french drain was all finished to be able to install the sandbox. After that project was done the first thing we did was laid down some landscape fabric. As you can see this area is weed infested! Grass won't grow here since it gets all day shade.

After the fabric was laid, we added mulch on the outside and sand of course for the inside. I had one request, and that was a lid to keep out rain and leaves. Cam and I settled on plastic with a wood frame. He came home with these Real Tree Camo panels. Sigh...

Sometimes, I let Cameron have his way. This was one of those times. Unfortunately, the plastic camo panels were a little filmsy (aka easily destroyed by adventurous children) so he had to sturdy them up with some plywood underneath. As a result, lifting up the cover and closing it is a two person job because of the weight. This kind of defeated the purpose of using the plastic in the first place but oh well. It may need to be tweaked in the future but for now it works.

The lid is at angle so the rain can drain off. See that thing by the door?

Cameron rigged up a towel on a retractable chain for cleaning off before coming inside. It's been working great. 

The lid hinges in the middle and leans against the house when in use.  The wood in the corners is a nice place to sit in case you don't want to get completely sandy.

This little girl loves the sand. If you can't tell from the picture she was really sad but stopped crying once she got to play.