Garden Update- August

 {Whoops! I wrote this post last month and realized I never posted. Better late than never!}

The kids have affectionately started calling the garden the "Garden Jungle". And rightly so, as it literally has become a sea of overgrown green plants.

 As you may remember, I was going to experiment growing pumpkin up a trellis. Truth be told, it grew too well as it took over the entire garden. Well that and pumpkins just take up a ton of space. I recently cut it all back but took these pictures prior to that.

 My sweet potatoes decided to run a muck as well but I use sweet potatoes all the time so I don't have the heart to cut them out of my aisles. I hope I get a bunch!
(They are in the back bed in this picture)
Now you can see why garden #2 is necessary. I like to grow too many things.

Here's one of the pumpkins. They stay green and have been pretty squash bug resistant.

I planted this bed of raspberries this year and they are producing now. They really need a trellis but with the million other projects we have, we haven't built one yet.

The kids eat them as fast as they come!