Garden Progress March 14-21

We are making some progress on the big garden. We had the missionaries over for dinner Friday and they offered to help us put the rest of the posts on Saturday! Cam had already dug all the holes the week prior with an auger so all that was needed was to cement each one in.

This is the view from the road. The first three rows which are outside the fence are blackberries. I need to get some ground cover in between the rows.

Cam already made four of the raised beds with Cruz helping screw each one together. This week I will level them because the area is sloped.

Here is the small garden 2 weeks ago.
And here it is now. That hairy vetch grows fast! It's almost time to till it up.
 Under the white cover is kale. The cover has a dual purpose, it helps protect plants in frost and it prevents bugs.

The kale is getting pretty big since the cloth also has a greenhouse effect. I have a few cabbage worm holes but actually my kale got attacked while I had them under grow lights indoors. Isn't that odd? I think they must have come out of the soil since I didn't use a soil-less seed mix this year.

Against the fence is my peas and below that my spinach.