Garden progress April 4th- 11th

 We've got a lot accomplished this week. From the top, I planted emerald arborvitae trees so we can eventually have a little more privacy. I also seeded fescue grass between the blackberries which I covered with hay in hopes of it not sliding down the hill. We also set up irrigation hoses for blackberries and the trees until they get established.

 Our lilac bush is in full bloom. They smell so delicious. Every time I walk by I am sniffing them. More than once, I've had a neighbor drive by as I'm sniffing away which makes me giggle.

 You can't really see it but along the edges of this box is arugula, butter lettuce, and red romaine.

 Asparagus are really coming up now. You are suppose to plant them in a trench and fill it up as they grow. It's time to fill things in a few inches with soil!

 Blueberries are sprouting. I'm most nervous about getting my blueberries to grow (because they really particular about soil acidity and moisture) so I'm glad to see so far they are surviving.

 We added mulch to make some new beds around the house.
 I plan on planting flowers around the perimeter of the garden. And we will get bermuda sod to go on the dirt (outside the garden of course!!!) soon.

 We harvested a ton of kale this week and made kale chips.
Here's the deck view.

 Once the beds are all dug in I'm planning on putting wood mulch in the walkways. Maybe in future years we will upgrade to something more permanent like rock but for now the mulch will do the trick I think.