Garden Progress April 11-25th

Things have really greened up around here! Two weeks ago it was looking like this.

 And here it is today. Lots of green on those trees! We've been hurrying to get everything dug in. All the beds are dug into the hill now. I planted my tomatoes. The first garden bed on the right- I gave to the kids to do their own garden. I figured we would start small and if they took good care of it this year they could earn more space of their own next year. Closest to the road, I seeded parsnips, and planted some onions I started indoors.

Right now on the to do list is sod for outside the garden, and mulching in between the beds. But actually very first, I'm just trying to get everything planted. 

Here is the back half. Starting from the very back the three mounds are watermelon, winter squash, and cantaloupe. When my Mom and Jimmy were here they helped with digging beds and putting down mulch in between the blueberries. I covered the area with landscape fabric first to avoid weeds popping up. 

I seeded some fescue grass in the front. It was my first time seeding grass! I was surprised it grew but it's a little patchy so I'll have to over seed before we get a bunch of weeds in there.

 Here we are at the small garden where my lovely helper is showing his true colors. I planted some more tomatoes over here in the back left bed. I picked and froze a bunch of kale because we can't eat it fast enough. Back right bed is more onions and I seeded carrots. In my compost last year I used grass clippings, which I will not do again. The soil is lovely, but I am also now weeding like crazy in this back bed where I used the compost. It looks like I planted crabgrass instead of carrots- it's that bad! I'm trying to decide whether or not I want to torch the weeds and start over or spend the time weeding them out.

You may note there is a chicken perched on the side of my garden in the above photo. My boys like to play with them a little too much :)