Garden Update and Tour- June 6

I am long overdue for an update. I've been taking pictures each week but unfortunately, none of those have made it to the computer until now. Here is what the garden is looking like, and what I've been harvesting.

 We've been eating snow peas and snap peas with almost every meal. I need to freeze some.

 Raspberries are ripe (on the smaller canes at least). This variety is "heritage". You can harvest twice a year if you leave up last years canes or one big harvest if you cut them down. I opted to cut mine down last year. I'm glad I did too, they are bigger and healthier this year.

 Cam just put up this trellis for me. It's cedar and wire to hold up the canes. I think we need more raspberries since we eat these way too fast.

 Here's a look at the smaller garden. From left, strawberries, tomatoes, onions and carrots, peas, and cucumber. I harvested the last of the kale. I blanched and froze maybe 10-15lbs if I had to guess. The kale got too big for the floating row cover so I ditched it. It lasted a good month before it started getting attacked by cabbage worms. Once that happened I picked it all.

Peas and cucumber on the bottom. My cucumber got a slow start because the peas shaded it for a long time.

 Guess what this is?! Fennel bulbs. I still have bad acid reflux and fennel is good for that. I also just like the taste.

 My tomatoes in this bed are big and healthy (I can't quite say as much for the new garden)

 Now for the in progress garden!

 It has been so crazy trying to get all the beds in, planted, trying to maintain (weed and fertilize), and just finish. I'm so glad next year will be MUCH easier. We  used a lot of native soil to save money but unfortunately the soil here is so low in nutrients. I mixed in a bit of compost to each bed but it just hasn't been enough. I keep telling myself next year will be better as far as harvest too since I will be able to incorporate more organic matter.
 This is what it looks like from doors.

 Here's my beans- I'll update varieties later I can't remember right now.

 Peppers- tam jalepeno, california wonder, red cheese
 Kids garden. The tall plant is sunflowers.

 Lemon squash, dill, row of radish, and cosmos. See what I mean about the soil?! Yikes. I have been pounding on the fertilizer. I will get more compost too load on soon too.

 Sweet potatoes- beauregard (I am really behind and put these in like four days ago).

 Lettuce and tomatoes- this bed has ozark pink, amish paste, san marzano, black cherry tomatoes. Red romaine lettuce, slow bolt lettuce, a french butter type, and arugula. We've been eating a lot of arugula and lettuce. Arugula is going to seed now though.

 Onions- white and red southport, and shallots. And parsnips in the middle of this back bed.
 This bed has herbs- parsley, basil, oregano, sorrel. In the back I planted more cucumbers I will update the variety later.
 The back two beds are my asparagus.

 Another view from behind. As you can see we are still working on getting landscape fabric and mulch down in the rows.

 After the raised beds are the blueberries. We covered them with pine bark. Surprisingly they seem to be doing pretty good.

Here's what growing in the very back. (Next year I will plant fruit trees here)
 Watermelon (planted these late, but better late than never!) - ali baba and blacktail mountain
 More watermelon, and cantaloupe in the front.
 Winter squash- white cushaw. Weeds in back :) I'm hoping to flame weed the area then smother with hay. I really need to beef up the soil back here for my future fruit trees.

 Close up. Roma tomatoes. Like I said, the tomatoes in my new garden are not as healthy as they should be. I'm glad they still seem to be producing ok though!

Below is my blackberries. All came up but one.
 Some of the plants grew shoots off the old cane and are producing some berries.

From the road. Cam is still working to get the fence done.