Garden Progress July 12th

As promised, the updated pictures of the garden.

 Sunflowers have finally come out :)

Watermelon, cantaloupe, and winter squash are sprawling much more.

 Tomatoes. Cameron wanted to try the Florida weave for the trellis this year. It has worked pretty well.


 Sweet potatoes

 Squash and cosmos
 Kians sunflowers he planted.

 This is a cushaw squash (a winter type). It's getting huge!

 Cantaloupes and watermelon

 Watermelon. The ones you see are an icebox variety but I also planted another regular type.

 We harvested the carrots and onions in this garden. I dehydrated the carrots for soups in the winter.
The Carrots. They shrink down so tiny!! I didn't weigh how many I had but I'm guessing this is 2-3lbs prior to dehydration. It was my first time doing it so I followed instructions from "The Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook" 
 You blanch them first, then dehydrate for 12 hours- mine took 14 hours though.

 And some cucumbers.

And then some pickles from those cucumbers. My recipe is from "Food in Jars" the book. But there is a similar recipe on her blog. I tested the recipe first, and they are spicy and potent- but in a good way :)