In the Garden- May 2017

I harvested 2 of my napa cabbages on Friday. I weighed them and they were 7lbs which was pretty exciting after Cam texted me this picture. 
Yes that's 2.89 a lb. I like to save money!

Today, I made some kimchi in my new fermentation crock. It was so much easier than the jars that I have been using. 

 At the beginning of the month my tomatoes went in the ground.

 We took the row covers off and harvested the majority of the kale. It got blanched and frozen for soups in the winter.

 As we were picking Kian found this monster kale leaf. It was pretty fun.

 Dax is always having fun playing with our chicks.

 Here is the cabbage and peas in the garden.

And the small garden 1 month ago (beginning of April) and May 11th.