Garden Year Recap! PART 1

I haven't been posting much on here because I keep track of most of my garden dates of planting and harvest on Instagram. It's easier than uploading pictures and consequently less likely I forget to document dates. If you have an instagram follow me @shapingthenest. If you don't, here's a recap of the last 6 months or so. I will try and keep the blog updated more so I don't have to do a blog marathon to catch up ;)

 July 1st. We were harvesting, blanching and freezing green beans. 

 July 2nd- The potatoes were ready. I had some really cute helpers.
Potatoes are such a fun surprise and fun to find the buried treasure.

I did white kennebec, molly magic, and yukon gold. White kennebec is an amazing producer for the space. But of course, the others are the favorites for flavor.   It ended up being about 60lbs worth.

When they were digging the kids even found a toad!

These are molly magic. They stay purple even after cooking. The kids love them. Such a beautiful potato, this picture was taken with an iphone and no filter... it's that pretty!

 July 9th- I harvested some of my onions. I took this picture after these purple onions (Cabernet- Hybrid) had cured. They were much smaller but surprisingly are in really good shape even now in November.

I did a lot of trials this year for onions. I did hybrids and open pollination varieties. I was trying to find a good intermediate day onion, which is the correct type for the middle of the country. Oh and I learned that the hard way. But lesson learned, and we had huge onions this year. I grew Candy, Expression, and Valencia. The first two are hybrids, the third open pollination. All did really well. Candy was probably the winner as far as size goes though. I wish I had kept them separated by variety because now a few are sprouting and I'm not sure which variety it is that isn't keeping well. Cameron build me one screen to dry out onions and as you can see they were crowded. He whipped up another thankfully!

July 13th - I didn't have enough room to grow all the tomato varieties I had started so Cam built me this garden bump out cage. I grew Romas, Jersey Devil, and Sun gold in there. I'm big on using the Florida weave and a trellis (as you can see in the picture). By the end of summer the tomatoes are well beyond the 8ft trellis. 

July 13th- The tomatoes we just ramping up. And obviously cucumbers in full swing. Lemon squash- my very favorite for its bug resistance. 

July 14th- I just finished canning peaches. The peaches came from a local farm stand but unfortunately not from Arkansas. We had a late freeze this year and all the blooms froze. I did regular peaches in sugar syrup, then spiced peaches with honey, spiced peaches with coconut sugar, and peach jam, no added pectin. I like to experiment. My spiced peach recipe was whoa, really spicy! It called for a half cinnamon stick in each jar. By the time we started using them a few months later that cinnamon was too strong. Note to self to find another recipe next year!

 July 14th. A strangely formed tomato. These are cherokee purple. A new variety I tried. They are oh so delicious! Not prolific, but an excellent slicing tomato.

 Here I am thinning out my strawberries. I planted Flavorfest, a variety that is suppose to be good for organic growing. I snuck a few, even though it was the first year. They were really good. They are also crazy vigorous and send runners in a million directions. I pruned them 4 times because I only wanted mother plants.

 July 14th - The first of my corn. Silver and Gold hybrid. I grew two kinds this year. Silver and gold wins again. They are early and I usually end up harvesting before corn earworms do any damage.  Though not a supersweet variety they are so good.

An look into the garden. July 14th. Lots of GREEN!