Building Compost Bins

For a while I've been asking Cam about building a place for me to start some making compost. When we first moved in I was throwing our kitchen scraps etc. in a heap in the woods. It didn't work out to well because it spread out naturally and just blended with the existing soil.

We are pretty much always working on a budget so my number on priority was that it be functional and cheap. I had this in mind.


It would have worked just fine. But I also kind of wanted something where I had several spots for the compost. One for fresh stuff, one for cooking compost, and one for finished compost. There are lots of available plans online but they require a ton of wood. We estimated the cost of one of them and it would have been $150 just for the untreated wood! Regular untreated pine around here rots in about 3 years. It wouldn't have been worth it. 

Cameron said he had a plan and it turned out awesome. Total cost was $50 and it's made completely of cedar that will match our current fence and last so much longer. 

Cameron made this little drawing on the driveway for me so I could get an idea of the scale. 

Here is the start of the bins. 

 The finished product! We used extra scrap cattle fencing and chicken wire from leftover from building the garden fence. Cam saved money by just hammering the wire right into the ground rather than using extra wood as many plans required.