Garden- September Update

 Cucumbers have finally come in. I guess I just planted them late so they came late. And apparently I planted too many again. Do you see the wall of cucumbers on the back? Whoops. But I suppose I'd rather have to many than too little! Tomatoes have been good too. We've made a bunch of tomato sauce, salsa, and have had them in and on everything. Squash are still producing. I need more recipes...

I've also been clearing out the beans and ground cherries to make room for fall plantings.
I started red romaine, bok choy, a couple types of kale, and collards inside a month ago. I got one of those soil blockers, which is suppose to help prevent transplant shock. They are definitely big and ready to go in the soil but its still way too hot outside.

I take them out a few hours each day to try and acclimate them but the butter type lettuce especially doesn't like it (as you can see in the picture). Hopefully things will cool off soon. I'll be directly planting some more carrots, spinach, and a type of broccoli that is suppose to overwinter then grow in spring when it gets cool.

Garden- July update

 Hornworms are here, which means careful checking and hand picking everyday. Yuck!

 Tomatoes. No red ones yet. Sigh... But they are close.

 Squash. So far I love this variety. Not a squash bug or egg in sight!

 Peppers. The leaves have been yellowing on the bottom of my plants a little bit. I think it's because we've had a ton of rain.

 Green Beans

 An overall look

The fence is working great! I've seen deer out there at least once a week. I'm so glad I don't have to worry about them eating all our food.

Growing, growing, growing!

I was thinking I would post a garden update each month but I am seriously amazed at how fast things grow here sometimes. We went to a family reunion in Washington D.C. and were gone for 9 days. I was excited to see if my garden would see be alive when I got back. Yay! It was! I was surprised to see a few of my tomato plants grew at least a foot maybe more while we were gone. My neighbors told me it rained a lot which helps.

 This picture was taken May 31st.

 I took this 10 days after the above picture- June 9th. Crazy! Cruz loves going out there each day after school and looking at the plants. It's fun to see how much the kids enjoy gardening too.

Tomato close up


 Lemon Squash- I've been diligently checking for squash bugs under leaves and so far so good!

Ground Cherries. Its fun to see the little lanterns they grow in.

Basil which became last night's dinner- Pesto pasta :)

The garden- June

A week ago Cameron grabbed some free mulch for me at our compost facility. I wanted to put it between the beds to keep weeds at bay. I had some really good helpers for that. It was funny, Cameron started to unload it and asked for help. The boys wandered around and played but didn't want to help. The moment he called out 10 cents a bucket they were all over there in a second helping.

I have my soaker hoses on a timer now. Cameron taught me a lesson in fluid mechanics in the midst of getting those working. I'm sure most people already know this but at the splitter for the hoses I had one longer hose hooked up and one shorter (it was a different set up than you see here below). I was upset because the shorter hose was working and the longer hose the water was barely dripping out. He told me they both need to be the same length to have equal water pressure. Of course I didn't believe him. And well... he was right :) Publicly admitting that here :)

Since I didn't get my strawberries in the ground in time, we went to a you pick place a couple weeks ago. I made strawberry syrup, canned strawberry jam, and we ate the rest.

Plants and seeds are in

 Onions and then carrot seeds planted under the wood board. The board is to keep the seeds moist and have better germination. The onion starts sat on my porch for almost a month as I waited to get the garden done so wayyyy too long! I think a few are growing.

Thai basil on the left. On the right, ground cherries I think. After I started my seeds, I lost my cheat sheet and so I had no idea what variety was what. The obvious plants I knew.. tomatoes, peppers... but even with the internet I couldn't figure out the difference between my tomatillos and the ground cherry starts. I haven't grown either before. Can anyone identify these for me?

Left to right: marigolds, peppers, random popsicle stick, basil