A few Garden Pictures from the past few weeks

 I harvested our garlic right at the end of May. We were just about to leave on vacation and it ended up being the perfect time. They dried in my bedroom while we were gone with a fan on them. By the time we got back they were ready to braid and store in the basement.

 The kids in early June. This is right after we got back from our trip. The blueberries were ready and they were out eating them all!

 I was actually worried at the beginning of this year. My kale and my napa cabbage didn't turn out as well as last years because of a snail and slug infestation. I learned something though and that is not to plant my cabbages so close together. The red express cabbage came out well though!

 Corn is growing as fast as someone else I know! I actually need to update this picture our corn has tassels and is growing husks now.

June 14- the first ripe blackberries

 June 16- Harvesting a good amount every few days but it still wasn't enough to keep up with the kids. We went to the local you pick to get enough to freeze for the year.

This one is from last Friday- I love having fruit in the mix! It did take me a few hours to harvest everything though. Whew!