Garden Harvest

It's been awhile since I posted anything here! I have been taking pictures as we went along but never got around to publishing them...till now!

 The kids were pretty excited about the sweet potatoes. They came very early. I think I harvested them the end of August. Last year, I harvested my sweet potatoes in October. I do still have some purple sweet potatoes in the ground that aren't ready yet.

 Cruz helped me dig them out.

 He did an awesome job of not breaking them!

 So far my estimate is that we've harvested about 50lbs. I've been getting creative with my sweet potato recipes. I tried to cure them on my back porch and I'm not sure I did it right. But hopefully, they will last in my basement for a while.

 Hales best Melon. These were prolific and sweet. Much easier to tell they were ready than the watermelon.

For watermelon I grew Ali baba and an early variety. The early variety had too many small seeds and wasn't as sweet as Ali Baba. However, I got way more icebox watermelons- probably because they are small when mature. I think we got around 25 watermelon total (I really need to keep a more accurate count so I can compare year over year).

 This is a cushaw squash. I got 11 of these. This was average size!!! I got one big one that must have been close to 40 pounds.

I'm hoping these last a while in the basement too. I did already cook a few and froze them for later. They have a lighter flavor compared to butternut squash. I think I like butternut squash more, but these were super duper squash bug resistant! I made squash soup, squash cookies, squash pancakes and roasted squash so far.

 I dehydrated a bunch of peppers at the end of the season since we were all getting tired of them.