The Weekly Digs #46 (2019 Garden Review)

by Becky

As I look back on each gardening year, weather can play a big role in how plants do overall. 

Weather Notes:

This year in Arkansas it was a very wet and cool spring. The last freeze was on April 1st.

The summer had so much periodic rain that I only watered my garden twice this year after the plants were established. 

We had a very hot first few weeks of August. This made it tricky to get plants established.

Then fall came quickly with one of the earliest frosts I’ve had in Arkansas, October 11th.

All that said, most plants performed quite well this year. 

Plants that did well in 2019: Lettuce, peppers, corn, cowpeas, celery other leafy greens like kale and collards, cucumbers, winter squash, blackberries, blueberries, peas, and cherries. Carrots were so difficult to start but once they germinated they did great.

Plants that didn’t do well 2019: Tomatoes, beans, watermelons, summer squash and other melons.

Flavor Winners of my 2019 Varieties:


  • Cherokee Purple
  • Black Cherry

Corn (only grew one variety but it was delicious)

  • Who gets kissed Sweet Corn


  • Homemade Cucumber
  • Tendergreen

Summer Squash 

  • Lemon Squash


  • Emerald Giant
  • Tam Jalapeno 


  • Ledmon


  • Winter Density
  • Little Gem


  • Lacinato


  • Kennebec
  • Yukon Gold

I grew more than what’s listed above but some things like radishes and collards all pretty much taste the same to me.

Best Disease Resistance


  • Matt’s Wild Cherry
  • Black Cherry


  • Homemade Pickles

Summer Squash:

  • Lemon 


  • All Jalapenos
  • Banana Peppers
  • Poblano Peppers


2019 Varieties Grown

Any crossed off the list I won’t grow again next year. This is because of bad flavor, disease, or small harvest.

Bloomsdale Spinach

Winter Gem Lettuce

Little Gem Lettuce


Blue Curly Kale

Dazzling Blue Kale

Scarlet Kale

Cimmaron Lettuce

Crisp Mint Lettuce

Merlot Lettuce

Emerald Giant Pepper

Tam Jalapeno Pepper

Poblano Pepper

Orange Bell Pepper

Canary Bell Pepper

Midnight Bell Pepper

Beauregard Sweet Potato

St. Valery carrots

Black Nebula Carrots

Yellowstone Carrots

Starburst Carrots

Cosmic Purple Carrots

Chinese Pink Celery

Catskill Brussel Sprouts 


Lemon Squash

Butternut Squash

Black Eyed Peas

Razorback Cow Peas

Sweet alyssum


Roma Tomato

Martino’s Roma Tomato

Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomato

Black Cherry Tomato

Egg Yolk Tomato

Sungold Tomato

Cherokee purple Tomato

Kellogg’s breakfast Tomato

Purple Russian Tomato

Pantano Romanesco Tomato

Bing Cherry Tomato

Lucid Gem Tomato 

Meteor Zinnia 

Purple Prince Zinnia

Lilliput Mix Zinnia

Pink Senorita Zinnia

Sweet Basil 

Wild Zaatar Oregano

Wando Peas

Sugar Snap Peas 

Daikon Radish

Easter Basket Mix Radish

Chinese Pink Radish

Watermelon Radish

Spanish Black Radish

Janosik Watermelon

Ledmon Watermelon


Pink Beauty Radishes

Candy Onion

Expression Onion

Valencia Onion

Rossa Di Milano Onion

NY Early Onion

Cabernet Onion

Bulgarian Giant Leeks

Molly Magic Potato

White Kennebec Potato

Yukon Gold Potato

Amarosa Red Potato

Homemade Pickle Cucumber

Tendergreen Burpless Cucumber

Good Mother Stallard Dried Beans

Haricot Tarbais Beans

Black Turtle Beans

Cherokee Trail of Tears Beans

Quincy Pinto Beans

Oje de Tigre Beans

tongues of fire beans

Gold Rush Bean

Royal Burgundy Bean

Calima Bean

Golden Acre Cabbage

Red Express Cabbage

Brunswick Cabbage

Chinese Cabbage

Stay tuned for next week- I’ll be going over my biggest lessons learned from the homestead in 2019.

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