by Becky


Hi! I’m Becky.

I homestead in Arkansas (Zone 6b) .

I have always had a love for being outdoors and 15 years ago started my first garden, right after I married my husband, Cameron.The garden was small but I was consistent about planting each year.

After the birth of my third, I started having health problems. I had anxiety, depression, stomach pains, and acid reflux. After multiple tests, medications, and doctor visits, I still didn’t feel any better. It launched me on a journey of healthy eating and cooking the majority of my food from scratch.

During that journey to health, we moved to a new home and I started a 16×20 foot garden in the backyard. A year later we bought a third acre lot next door and we built another garden 40×80 ft. A friend also gave us some chickens and I was completely hooked.

Because I had the space, I made a goal to eat vegetables from only my backyard for a year. It completely changed how I ate and cooked. I developed a love for eating foods in their season.

A few years later we achieved a big family goal and bought a 52 acre piece of land. We sold our 2/3 acre and home in the suburbs and started the process of building a home on our land.

I was able to heal my acid reflux and stomach pains just by eating the way our ancestors ate. The depression and anxiety still comes and goes, but I’m grateful for the progress I’ve made in how I eat and feel.

I hope to empower others to be able to be self sufficient and bring their food closer to home. I believe just about anyone can start a homestead and live by the seasons, no matter how large or small of a space they have.

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