The Weekly Digs #17

by Becky
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I can’t believe we are already approaching June! My kids are out of school now and I’m glad to have them home. They can be good helpers when they want to be and I am grateful for the help! We had another tornado warning this week but thankfully no hail and no tornado after all.

In the Garden:

  • The rest of the sweet potatoes were planted

  • We are harvesting many more peas, cabbages, kale, a few more radishes, cilantro, lettuce that’s getting quite bitter, strawberries, and a couple raspberries.

  • I noticed a squirrel under the netting I put on my strawberries. When I walked out there and it was stuck and running back and forth trying to get out. It finally got enough speed where I didn’t have a rock weighing down the net and practically flew out of there! It’s impressive the lengths they will go through for some fresh berries.

  • Potatoes are flowering

  • I noticed two of my tomatoes getting some early blight. Varieties: Bing cherry and Kelloggs Breakfast. I picked off the infected leaves and will keep checking them.

  • I let the boys build a bean tepee. I didn’t give them much direction, just told them to make it tall. They did a good job!

Seed Starting:

  • I started more tomatoes in soil blocks. Varieties: Black Cherry (family favorite), Cherokee Purple, and Lucid Gem

  • Started brussel sprouts in soil blocks. I made a mistake and put all the new seeds (tomatoes included) I started in one tray. I’m realizing now I’m going to have to take those brussel sprouts indoors to protect from cabbage worms as long as possible.

In the Kitchen:

  • Made a crock full of kimchi. The napa cabbages and daikons didn’t do so well this spring. I think they are much more suited to be fall crops in my area. The radishes went straight to seed before getting big roots.

  • The dill garlic sauerkraut I did a few weeks ago is done and turned out yummy. My daughter keeps eating it for breakfast. She’s always been the picky one of the family but I think all the garden food is winning her over! She used to not like kale, sauerkraut, or any greens and she eats it all now.

I know lots of people will disagree with me here, but I’m going to say it anyway…If you have a child who is picky with food it can be eliminated completely.  If you keep feeding them the food they find gross, they will eventually develop a taste for it. I only ask my kids to take one bite of the food they don’t like. Eventually, they come around and will eat it.

I once heard it takes 10 times of eating something to start to like it. For my kids sometimes it’s taken 20-30 times. If it’s a vegetable, I find it worth the effort. All other foods, I don’t care as much whether or not they are picky. But if it comes out of the garden they better learn to like it, haha! 🙂

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