The Weekly Digs #2

by Becky
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Our blackberry trellis has been an ongoing project for a few weeks now. Can you see where we had old 1×2 trellis? Yes that one laying on the ground is one of our old trellis’. Last year they completely snapped under the weight of the blackberries when they were fruiting.

We opted for the sturdy version this year with some 4×4 posts cemented in the ground. You can see in the photo above Cameron is working on some notched cuts on the posts (and he very excited about how they turned out. He loves woodworking). The notches will hold the cross braces.

A finished one with cross braces bolted on is above. Once we get it all finished I will write a whole post about it. I have a good feeling that this version of trellis is going to work!

I also got in my cabbage seedlings. The varieties are Red Express, Golden Acre, and Chinese Hilton (a napa type). All mature in 70 days or less. I’ve found that since we get hot and buggy here by mid May, the smaller, fast maturing varieties are ideal for spring planting.

I’m testing out some of these self watering trays from Gardeners Supply Company. You can find them HERE. I really like them so far. They have a wicking mat that pulls up the water from the base. I water them every 5 days! I got them because we have an upcoming trip and even though we have friends are coming to take care of the chickens and seedlings, this makes it a little easier.

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