The Weekly Digs #30

by Becky
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Last weekend, Cameron and I went on a day trip to Kansas City. A friend of mine gave me the name of a good restaurant and we ate there. I am really picky about good food now because the garden makes me super spoiled but this place was actually pretty good! The only problem was I did I walk out of there feeling super heavy because I got fries and a burger.

On the way home we also picked up a few turnovers for the kids from a Mennonite bakery. The crust was amazing. 

By the time we got home, the heavy feeling turned into feeling sick. About 2 hours later, I was sitting with a bowl in hand because my stomach hurt so bad and I was very close to having everything come up. It was awful. At first I thought it might be food poisoning but Cameron and I shared our meals, and we all shared the turnover so we ruled that out. 

I made Cameron promise me never to let me eat food like that again. I think because it was so different from what I normally eat, my body was in shock and it wanted the bad food out! Isn’t that so interesting? It’s not the first time that has happened but it was definitely the most sick I’ve ever been from eating out. 

The reason I started getting crazy about gardening and cooking everything from scratch all those years ago was because it helped my sick body feel better. And I guess it still holds true today, though I never realized quite how used to the fresh food and home cooking I’ve become!

In other news, I was able to reorganize my basement storage room to a better food storage spot. Originally, I was going to have Cameron build me a shelf that was custom for canning and storing but we just ended up making the shelves we had on hand work. 

In the garden: 

  • Planted little gem lettuce, purple top turnips, scarlet ohno revival turnips, daikon radishes, brune d’hiver lettuce

  • Sowed more carrots. My third time sowing them this month! Thankfully the second time I got better germination but I have a few patches that needed more so I sowed St. Valery , Napoli, and Pusa Asita. Weather is cooling off so hopefully germination will be better.

  • Harvesting: Peppers, black eyed peas, dried beans, tomatoes, basil, beans, dried beans, and lemon squash

In the kitchen:

  • I attempted to make a fermented hot sauce. I thought recipe seemed weird for a ferment since it called for vinegar but I put it in anyway. Turns out I was supposed to put in the vinegar after it had fermented for 3 weeks. Ugh! I was bummed because it was a lot of peppers wasted. But I decided I’m still going to make it into hot sauce just not the fermented kind.

Homemade chili from last week. I love it when the meal is mostly garden food and this was definitely one of those meals! Dried beans, peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic all came from the garden! Meat is local from a friend. It was delicious because it was so fresh!

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