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Over the holidays, I’ve been pouring over seed magazines, doing a seed inventory, and planning my vegetable garden for next year. 

January King Cabbage

I am sharing what I will be growing next year in 2024. I do edit this list as time goes on. And this list doesn’t include seeds used in kids’ gardens. I have never added that because they change their mind so much it wouldn’t be accurate.

I have several main places I buy my seeds from. They are High Mowing Organic Seeds, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, Row 7 Seeds, FedCo Seeds, and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

NOTE!! For a limited time, High Mowing Organic Seeds is doing their beginning of the year sale. It ends on January 2nd. They only do 1-2 sales a year.

High Mowing trials the seeds well because I don’t think I’ve ever got a variety I’ve been disappointed with. Most of the seed is slightly more expensive but it’s been SO worth it to get the organic seed. Organic seeds have more defenses against disease. I have seen much higher yields so the extra couple dollars is well worth it!

The link for High Mowing Organic Seeds is HERE. Use code HELLO2024

This post contains affiliate links. Full disclosure can be found here.

h19 cucumber
H-19 Little Leaf Cucumber

As you look through the list below, you may note I am crossing off and removing some varieties I grew last year.

They are not necessarily bad varieties. For some, I am doing some simplifying of what varieties I grow. Instead of deleting the whole thing, the strike through helps you to know which ones I grew last year that I’m doing away with for now.

Anything that is not an absolute favorite is off the list this year. I am still trying some new varieties that caught my eye. Also, no beets on this list because we don’t eat them. I might grow Mangel Beets for livestock.

Last note: I have painstakingly linked each and every variety of seed. Please let me know if you run into any broken links and I will fix them! If they aren’t linked, it’s because my original source isn’t selling them anymore, or I’m not growing it anymore.

Green Magic Broccoli


My Favorite

  • Green Magic F1 (57 days) A hybrid but it came recommended by two gardening friends in Arkansas! I finally got a really good broccoli harvest from this variety. Update December 2023, I am harvesting another great crop of this broccoli. As of right now, I’m going to stick with this variety!

Still Testing

  • Calabrese Green Sprouting (90 days) This one came recommended to me by Cam’s Mom. I intended to try it last year but didn’t get it going in time.
  • Solstice (70 days)


In an effort to simplify the garden we aren’t growing brussel sprouts for the second year in a row. It’s a tough one to grow and subject to many pests and diseases where we live. I decided it just wasn’t worth the effort.

Dried Beans and Cowpeas

My Favorites


Chinese Cabbage Hilton

My Favorites

  • Golden Acre (62 days) Best for spring and late fall
  • Red Express (62 days) Best for spring and late fall
  • Chinese Cabbage Hilton (70 days) We use this for kimchi
  • Brunswick Cabbage (90 days)
  • Violaceo Di Verona… Looks like Bakers Creek is not carrying it this year! I may try and save some seeds from the ones I’m currently growing because this is a really good variety I love.
  • January King


My Favorite

  • St. Valery (70 days) Trying new varieties and simplifying. Still a great option.
  • New Kuroda A new favorite of mine from last year! Delicious and easy to grow!
  • Napoli (55 days) A hybrid, but I just love it. Great for spring and fall. See note about high mowing seed below.

Still Testing

  • Bollin (75 days) When ordering carrots from High Mowing Organic Seeds, I highly recommend getting the 2M size (2000 seeds). The small packet comes with 250 seeds. It seems like a lot but it’s not if you are planting by hand and then thinning. The higher price is due to the fact that these are organically grown and there is more costs/ losses for things to grow without chemicals.

New this Year

  • Lila Lu (95 days) Repeating this from above: When ordering carrots from High Mowing Organic Seeds, I highly recommend getting the 2M size (2000 seeds). The small packet comes with 250 seeds. It seems like a lot but it’s not enough if you are planting by hand and then thinning.
Tango Celery


My Favorite 

  • Tango Celery (80 days) This is an awesome variety! They grow fantastic in cool weather. I am harvesting now, December 30 2023. I have also grown in summer but it does stress them more and they aren’t as tasty. We are in zone 6b for reference. The USDA likes to tell me I’m zone 7 now but I don’t believe that for a second. We are in a cold pocket of our area.


My Favorites


My Favorite

Cover Crops

To find out more about the best time to plant each of these, check out my blog post HERE.


Goldy Double Sunflower

You can’t really go wrong with any flowers! The only ones I stay away from are morning glory, they spread like a weed and can become invasive.

My Favorites

Green Beans

My Favorites


My Favorites


My Favorites

Still Testing


My Favorites


In the lettuce department, I am removing a few of my old favorites to make room for new varieties. An excellent lettuce grower informed me of some of the new varieties I’m trying.

My Favorites

New this year

  • New Red Fire (55 days)
  • Panisse (45 days) Best for spring and fall
  • Muir (50 days) Best for heat, extremely slow to bolt and sweet even when grown in hot conditions. The seeds are very expensive so I am trialing a small packet. We’ll see if this one is as good as it says!
  • Teagan (65 days)


My Favorite

  • Trifecta (83 days) Loved this one last year. A little on the firm side but nice and sweet. It did well in our southern climate.

Still Testing


(These are definitely grown based on region. For more information on what kind of onions to grow in your area click HERE)

My Favorites

  • Rossa Di Milano (110 days) Consistently large and disease resistant! Open pollination red onion.
  • Zebrune Shallot  A good variety but I’m simplifying this year
  • Gladstone Onion (110 days)  White onion. Not great in storage.
  • Australian Brown (100 days) Best yellow onion that is open pollination.
  • Bulgarian Giant Leek (110 days)
  • Update (Jan 25) could not find organic seed for this so I’ll grow a different variety. Patterson F1 (104 days) I don’t often grow hybrids because the goal is self-sufficiency but this one came highly recommended. Yellow onion.
  • NY Early Growing this because Patterson isn’t available.


Two years ago, I tested these types. All did well but were eaten by rodents. Until I have a better system down I won’t be growing these again. Listing what I tried because they were all great types in case anyone is looking! 


My Favorite

  • Sugar Snap  (58 days) favorite snap type
  • PLS595 (64 days) the best shelling type, I had fantastic yields with this variety.

New This Year


My Favorites


My Favorites


My Favorites


My Favorite

Summer Squash

My Favorite

  • Lemon Squash (50 days) Best and most bug resistant summer squash around.

Sweet Potatoes

My Favorite

Pumpkin/ Winter Squash

My Favorite

  • Waltham Butternut Squash (100 days) I still like this variety, my family isn’t huge fans of butternut squash so the smaller, more flavorful personal size butternuts like Honeypatch, listed below, are better for us.
  • Long Island Cheese Pumpkin (105 days) 2024 our year to grow pumpkins again. We took the year off in 2023 because we usually get enough for a two year supply.
  • Honeypatch (110 days) Thank you to a friend who notified me of this company last year! I was extremely happy with the flavor of this little baby butternut type squash.


My Favorites

New This Year


My Favorite


We planted a few watermelons last year in the kids’ gardens. They didn’t produce. The year before we had a huge harvest! Cam declared he would like a portion of the garden to grow watermelons. They are his favorite fruit and he wants to make sure we get some.

My Favorite

Ledmon Watermelon (no longer available from where I purchased it)

Still Testing



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Laurel M. December 31, 2023 - 8:29 pm

Thanks for sharing all your knowledge. I never thought to buy the big packets of carrots, but always plant a few of the littles. That Rosie basil really is beautiful. Have you seen Cardinal basil? I don’t know how the flavor holds up, but the flowers it produces are huge and gorgeous, like a purple peony.

Korgan January 5, 2024 - 4:30 pm

The strikeouts with the reasons for the elimination are really useful. Shame about the peanuts. What kind of asparagus are you growing?

Alisha January 9, 2024 - 1:10 am

The Long Island Cheese Pumpkin link doesn’t work. I really enjoy your blog, though! It inspires me to keep going with my own garden!

Ashley January 9, 2024 - 3:02 pm

I grew New Red Fire last year and it was gorgeous, delicious and very slow to bolt in our 5b now 6a zone! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Trying lemon squash this year after seeing how well its done for you! I also have your sisters garden planner to help me make the most of the growing season 🙂 Super excited for this year!!

theseasonalhomestead January 14, 2024 - 4:56 am

Yay! Awesome. Good to hear!

Cheryl January 14, 2024 - 8:59 pm

You won’t be disappointed with Muir. It’s very cold hardy and heat tolerant. It’s also my favorite tasting lettuce. You should give winterwunder or Landis winter lettuce a try too, for your winter crop. I think they are both superior to winter density in cold hardiness.


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