The Weekly Digs #18

I’m about to hit a bit of a lull between crops. The cool season crops are just about finished and the warm season crops have yet to arrive. I harvested garlic scapes today and still have plenty of peas. I also have some fennel bulbs that are almost ready. I hope it’s enough to cross the bridge until the warm season veggies are ready! I could also harvest new potatoes to eat if we needed.

Good Mother Stallard Beans Starting to Climb the Trellis

Good Mother Stallard Beans Starting to Climb the Trellis

In the garden:

  • Pulled out all the kale and planted black eyed peas in that spot.

  • Planted Haricot Tarbais and Good Mother Stallard Beans around the kids bean tepee

  • Put up the netting for the cucumber trellis and the bean tepee.

  • Cameron started working on a new blueberry trellis. Its a wood frame and we will put bird netting around it so that we don’t have to share with the birds any more! I’ve had lots of requests to share pictures. Don’t worry, they are coming. We (I mean… ahem… Cameron) need to finish them up.

  • Harvesting snap peas, shelling peas, kale, herbs, the last of the radishes and lettuce (they were pretty bitter), garlic scapes, and a few blueberries.


In the kitchen:

  • Picked all the kale off the plants, then did blanching and freezing. It’s amazing how such a huge amount (I filled up a 15 gallon storage container) cooked down to 10 or so bags of frozen kale. I weighed them and it was 3lbs. I guess part of what makes them so much smaller and lighter is I remove the stems before they get frozen.