35 Ideas For Preserving your Spring Harvest

by Becky Porter
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Fresh seasonal food has maximum flavor and nutrition. My goal is to eat as much garden food as possible while it’s in season and with the excess preserve for when there isn’t as much abundance. This year, I’ve been working extra hard to meet my goal of a year of homegrown vegetables. It’s had me thinking of all the ways I need to preserve for winter, my hardest season to complete 100% vegetables from my backyard garden.

I wanted to give you some ideas on how to preserve what you have right now. In some parts of the US you may already be done with your spring harvest and others are just beginning. I’m right at the tail end of these early crops.

 Kimchi Ingredients from the garden Kimchi Ingredients from the garden

 Homemade Kimchi Homemade Kimchi

This list is meant to be a wide range of things so you can mix and match based on what you like and what is in your garden. It isn’t a comprehensive list of all spring preserves merely a list to spark some ideas and help you get started!

 Before Dehydrating Strawberries Before Dehydrating Strawberries

 After Dehydrating Strawberries After Dehydrating Strawberries

I also made a printable list at the end if you would like to check off things or maybe just have it on your fridge as a reminder. I’m a list person so the visual reminder really works for me.

 Dandelion Ready for dehydrating Dandelion Ready for dehydrating

 Dandelion Jelly Dandelion Jelly

  1. Make dandelion Jelly

  2. Dry dandelion leaves and roots

  3. Dehydrate Spinach

  4. Freeze Spinach

  5. Dehydrate Kale

  6. Freeze Kale

  7. Can or Freezing Strawberry Jam

  8. Freeze Strawberries

  9. Dehydrate Strawberries

  10. Make Strawberry Fruit Leather

  11. Can Strawberries in Syrup

  12. Dehydrate Rhubarb

  13. Freeze Rhubarb

  14. Can Pickled Asparagus

  15. Dehydrate Asparagus

  16. Freeze Asparagus

  17. Make Fermented Asparagus Pickles

  18. Make Kimchi

  19. Make Sauerkraut

  20. Dehydrate Carrots

  21. Ferment Carrots

  22. Freeze Snap Peas, Snow Peas, or English Peas

  23. Dehydrate Snap, Snow, or English Peas

  24. Pressure Can Peas

  25. Pressure Can Beets

  26. Dehydrated Beets and Powder

  27. Canning Pickled Cauliflower

  28. Freeze Cauliflower

  29. Dry Chives

  30. Dry Lemon Balm

  31. Dry Oregano

  32. Dry Lavender

  33. Dry Mint

  34. Dry Sage

  35. Pack herbs in oil and freeze

 Lavender On Dehydrator Trays Lavender On Dehydrator Trays

What are your favorite things to preserve in Spring? Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear about it!

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