The Weekly Digs #44

by Becky

It was a good week for gardening, on Wednesday it even got above 60ºF here! I savored the warm temperatures and sun. One of the days, the kids and I started on thinning out our overly vigorous strawberry patch. Another day, Dax and I cleaned the chicken coop and run and added a bunch of mulch. 

After reading so many Joel Salatin books, I decided to put into practice some of his ideas. Since the chickens pretty much stick to the coop, run, and my garden during winter, I’m doing a deep mulching of everything to hopefully generate some additional compost by Spring. 

Later when I was out enjoying the sun, I harvested some turnips which got turned into leftover turkey pot pie. It was filled with potatoes, turnip roots, chopped turnip greens, carrots, onions, garlic, fresh thyme, and of course, leftover turkey from Thanksgiving.

Luckily, it was a big hit with everybody since I don’t make pot pie often. A week ago when I was making pies for Thanksgiving, I tripled my pie crust recipe to freeze some for later. The frozen pie crusts didn’t last long but it made for an easy weeknight dinner because the hard part was already done!

We also used some pie crust and filled it with home canned grape jam then baked it to make a homemade Pop-Tart. Those also had rave reviews from Cam and the kids. However, I feel the need to cleanse from all the heavy food we’ve been eating. Even though the majority of the food is from the garden, eating pie crust with everything negates the healthy factor! 🙂 

In the garden: Harvesting turnips, lettuce, sorrel, thyme, asian greens, collards, and radishes. (I do believe this harvest list is going to be on repeat for the next month or two!) 

In the kitchen: No preserving this week. We are only eating the preserves from summer!!

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