Gifts for Gardeners | 2019

by Becky
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  1. This apron can collect anything from garden debris, to eggs, to harvested fruit and vegetables and anything else. It also allows you to carry around tools easily. $33

  2. A soil blocker is my favorite way to start seeds. It takes a little more initial effort and time but the benefits are worth it. No transplant shock and very healthy plants. If you want to read my full guide on soil blocking click HERE. $33

  3. Tee shirt for anyone who loves to garden.This shirt can be made in male sizes or female. $27

  4. This scuffle hoe is an easy way for keeping up with weeds. It’s so effective at cutting down weeds you need to be careful and not use it right next to plants you want to keep! I use it in all my aisles and to prepare beds for planting. $37

  5. The Organic Pest and Disease Control is a book you’ll want in your collection for referencing often. I use mine all the time to identify diseases and bugs.$19

  6. Soil Knife Combo kit This is a great multi use tool that I keep hearing rave reviews about. $30

  7. The Garden Primer is a great book for the beginning gardener. She walks you through everything you need to get started with gardening as well as guides for individual vegetables and fruits. I love it when I book speaks from experience in addition to facts and her book is a beautiful blend of both. $11

  8. Garden Gloves It’s so hard to find a good pair of garden gloves. This type of glove is breathable and doesn’t get soaking wet while working in the dirt. $9

  9. A Broadfork is the biggest splurge on the list. It’s a great tool for adding air into tough and compacted soils without killing all the soil structure. This one is made in the USA and guaranteed for life. $236

  10. Seed Saving envelopes are perfect for seed savers! Seed saving envelopes are something I always find myself wishing I had on hand. $10

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