Gifts for Homesteaders | 2019

by Becky
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  1. A quality water bath canner. I’ve replaced my cheap granite ware canner one too many times. I wish I had bought this when I got started. $70

  2. Natural Soapmaking Book is great for beginners and more experienced soap makers who want to make soap without all the extra chemicals. $16

  3. A Japanese Saw is Cameron’s new favorite woodworking tool. It’s wonderful for precision cuts. $27

  4. Budget Friendly Fermentation Lids $10 or find the name brand ones HERE. $20 These are great for small batch fermentation. They go right on top of a mason jar.

  5. Herbal Recipes for Health book gives potent and effective herbal alternatives to commercial pharmaceuticals. $13

  6. Pocket knife. Cameron recommends this pocket knife for everyday use (he always has one on him). It’s the perfect size for cutting and not at all bulky. $44

  7. Fermentation Weights are needed when using the mason jar topped lids shown above. They are worth the cost, I use mine all the time. $15

  8. A Pressure Canner is perfect for canning low acid foods safely. It’s a great way to preserve all the garden bounty for winter. Don’t skim and get a cheaper brand, this one is worth it. I am using my Mom’s she bought 30 years ago and it’s still in great condition. $279

  9. Radical Self Reliant Gardening One of my all time favorite gardening books, this one has useful and actionable information you won’t find anywhere else.

  10. Excalibur Dehydrator Dehydrating is one of the best ways to preserve food and save the nutrition. If you’re interested in more facts and information about dehydrating, check out my Dehydration 101 post. $300

  11. Canning Tee Shirt For the canning enthusiast. $24

  12. Gift Certificate for Seeds I don’t really know any homesteader who isn’t excited to get seeds. You could probably buy any varieties and give them as gifts. But the gift certificate ensures they get the ones on their wishlist.

  13. The Small Scale Poultry Flock  An all natural approach for raising chickens that works for home and market growers. $27

  14. Board Game For the kids or family time! We got this recently and the kids have liked it. $15

  15. FoolProof Preserving This canning book has the best recipes. $18

  16. Cast Iron Skillet Cast iron has wonderful heat retention and lasts forever. I consider this an essential item for the homestead kitchen. $26

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