27 Gardening Gifts for Mom (Ideas from an actual gardener and mom!)

by Becky

If you’re looking for awesome gardening gifts for mom, I have a great list of choices for you!  I am an avid gardener and mom of 5. These choices are things I already use in my garden and also a couple of things on my own wish list of things I would hope to get as a gift. 

There are budget friendly options all the way up to something a little more lavish. If your mom is a beginner, a couple of great possibilities are the garden planner, seeds, gloves, or the apron. A gardener who has been at it for a few years would love the Earthway seeder, shirt, or a deep dive into a garden book!

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with anything on this list. Even as a more advanced gardener I would love to have more seeds, multiple pairs of garden gloves, boots, and even another apron.  You’ll find options for all budgets, under $20, $20-50, and 50 plus dollars.

Hopefully this guide of gardening gifts for mom gives you some ideas for the mother(s) in your life. And perhaps if you love to garden it will give you some ideas that you can treat yourself to or pass along to a family member 🙂 

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Gardening Gifts for Mom

Gardening Gifts for Mom Under $20

Bouquet Garden Seed Collection $18

The best kind bouquets are the ones that you can cut and then come back to the next week and cut another fresh batch of flowers! This seed collection gives mom a constant supply of flowers and bouquets for the home. She will not just smile once, but keep smiling as this gift keeps giving.

Garden planner $12

This garden planner is undated and so it’s very adjustable for different growing zones. It’s a printable PDF, so even if you’re thinking of getting mom one for Mother’s Day and we are partway through the year, it is still useful this year and in years to come! This is the best garden planner available (although I am very biased since it was made by my sister). It’s 282 pages and such a useful planner and guide! Print it at an office supply store and get it spiral bound.

If you want a book version (no need to print) it can be found HERE

Support Local Farmers Shirt $16

I recently got this shirt myself and I LOVE it. It’s one of my favorite shirts to wear around. I wear an XS (runs slightly big, usually I wear a small) and you can see it featured in THIS VIDEO.

Soil Knife $19

A soil knife is great for pushing it into the soil and pulling out weeds with deep roots. It also doubles as a knife that can cut plants at the soil surface or even for harvesting a head of broccoli. I love that it has inch measurements on it so it can be used to dig a hole, measure the depth, or even measure the distance between plants. A very multifunctional tool. 

Epic Tomatoes Book $14 

An absolute must-have for any mom who loves growing tomatoes.

Garden Trowel $9

This is a metal shovel with black and green handle.  Ergonomic and green like grass, so you feel a part of nature when you are handling this trowel.  

Japanese sickle $15

This is a different type of weeding tool that cuts weeds at the soil surface. It’s fast and easy to use. The handle is handheld. This tool is great for a small garden with raised beds that still has some weed pressure.

Garden Gloves $10

A good pair of garden gloves is an asset to a gardener. They don’t last forever, so even if mom has a pair, she could probably use another. 

Garden Labels for Pots $6

If mom needs to label all the seeds she’s started there are many options for garden labels. Of course there are always homemade options (which would make a great gift too!) but if she wants reusable labels, these plastic ones are a great choice for starting seeds.

Garden Labels for Plants $10

Once the plants are moved into the garden, it is so great to have everything labeled so mom can know what she planted where. I personally know what vegetables look like, but I always label because I grow different varieties of the same plant that are sometimes difficult to distinguish. These are a long lasting wood stake that is treated with non-toxic paint

Garden Markers $17

A garden marker is a writing utensil for either homemade labels or purchased ones (see above). Usually when using a permanent marker on a label it will fade and be illegible by the end of the summer. But with these garden markers the ink stays on surfaces longer, holds up to rain, and doesn’t fade as much in the sun. They are also non-toxic.

Four Season Farm Garden Book $16

This book is awesome for both beginners and more advanced gardeners. It has beautiful illustrations in the beginning with garden layout ideas, lots of ideas for good vegetables to grow, and also has an entire cookbook with how to use the fresh garden produce in the back of the book.

Spice containers for herbs $15

Homegrown and home dried herbs are absolutely delicious. If mom grows and dries herbs these spice containers will give her a place to store them. They come with label stickers too!

Side note: Personally we saved and recycled spice containers in our home. However, these would also make an awesome gift for someone if they were filled with homegrown and dried spices.

Gardening gifts for mom

Gardening Gifts for Mom $20-$50

Water Bottle $35 

Stay hydrated. This is for a mom who often forgets to drink enough water.  This is an essential in the garden!

Roo Harvesting Apron $40

If you see Mom with eggs in her pockets, or she is coming in with an armful of produce and has nothing to carry it in, a harvesting apron can be super helpful. It protects clothing and also has a convenient pouch for putting vegetables in. This particular apron also has an easy dump option.

Seed organizer $30

I know so many gardeners that just RAVE about this seed organizer as the best solution for seed storage. Lots of individual boxes to sort by vegetable or flower.

Soil blocker $30

If mom loves seed starting, a soil blocker is a great way to start huge amounts of seeds without all the plastic trays. It is better for the plants since they air-prune and never get root bound. This is great for a mom who wants to be more eco friendly and all natural with seed starting. Soil blocks do need a holder or tray that they can sit in. Options include building wooden trays to place the soil blocks in, using metal baking trays, or even reusing heavy duty plastic trays.

Garden Auger $25

This is a simple, time saving tool.  Fits most drills.  Simply tighten the bit in the drill, and start drilling holes for plants! Definitely better than hand-digging holes with a shovel and rake.  And the kids usually enjoy getting in on the action too.  Always a plus!

Heirloom Vegetables Lovers Box Seed Collection $25

If mom loves to grow vegetables and enjoys saving seeds, this collection of heirloom vegetable seeds will produce food but also give the option of being able to save the seeds for the next year. 

Garden Harvesting Tub $25

This is not the most beautiful harvesting basket but it’s so useful! Harvest anything from salad greens to beans in this tub. You can also wash vegetables right inside the tub!

gardening gifts for mom over $50

Gardening Gifts for Mom $50+

Pruning Shears $60

High quality pruning shears that are very sharp and effective.

Garden boots for Winter $160

These are the most comfortable boots- ever. They are perfect for cold winters. If in between sizes to the bigger whole size.

Garden boots for Summer $95

These are stylish and very functional! I highly recommend this company for any garden boots for mom! Fyi, they do run a tiny bit small, especially if you like to wear thick socks. If in between sizes to the bigger whole size.

Heavy Duty Apron $83

This apron is a heavy duty canvas. It’s high quality which is why it comes with a higher price tag. A great option for an unobtrusive apron which keeps off dirt and water. If you want to see what it looks like in action, you can see it HERE.

Weed Dragon $75

A flame weeder that is inexpensive and will last. 40lb propane tank not included.

Gorilla Cart $300

These carts come in multiple sizes.  We have the 1200lb capacity one(the biggest one they make, I think).  We’ve tried the smaller sizes and this one works best for us.  And our kids like to be towed around in it every now and then when their legs decide to stop working 🙂

Earthway seeder $167

Direct sow about 10X faster with a seeder. If your mom has a large garden and is still seeding by hand an earthway seeder is a great upgrade!


I hope this helps inspire some new ideas for gardening gifts for mom. Or perhaps it at least gave you some ideas of similar things to look for that would good be a good fit for someone special in your life that loves gardening.

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