7 Must Have Garden Tools to Make Your Life Easier

by Becky
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I’m a huge believer in having the right tools for the job. When you put a lot of effort into something like a garden it can be so frustrating to fail because you didn’t have the right supplies.

To be honest, I wish I would have found these tools years ago. I could have saved hundreds of hours of back breaking labor. I’m not kidding you. A great garden tool is like a shortcut to your best garden ever!

These are all tools I have tried and use in my garden, some of them daily. They definitely save time and in the end have paid for themselves with how much more productive my garden has become.

1. Rogue Scuffle Hoe

This is a new tool I bought just a few months ago and I already like it so much it’s made my must have list! It cuts weeds at the soil surface both forwards and backwards, making quick work of weeding. It’s really effective and much, much easier to use than other hoes.

In all seriousness, the rogue hoe has revolutionized my weeding. I feel like I have a fighting chance at keeping them at bay this year. That’s saying a lot considering I’m usually the only one weeding our 3500 square foot garden. I found mine HERE, it’s the best price I’ve seen online.

2. Agribon Row Cover

Though this isn’t a tool per se it has been a lifesaver for me. I don’t have a greenhouse and this Row Cover Fabric extends my season by another month. This is essential if your trying to eat year round from your garden. I can start plants earlier and keep them later. It’s also great at insect prevention.

I’ve really liked the brand linked above in the medium weight (AG 19). The light weight fabric ripped way too easily, medium is perfect.

3. Soil Blocker

Many of you know my love of the soil blocker. It’s just amazing for starting lettuce, peppers, and tomatoes indoors. Actually it’s amazing for pretty much anything that doesn’t normally like to be transplanted. I’ve had my soil blocker for 5 years now and it’s still in great shape.

If your just getting started, I highly recommend the 2 inch one above. It’s pretty universal and can be used for many different indoor started seedlings.

4. Pickaxe

You can’t garden in Arkansas without a good pickaxe. Both Cameron and I grew up in areas where you can use a shovel to dig (He grew up in Idaho and I grew up in upstate New York). We learned really fast that shovels don’t work that well in Arkansas… or at least in our part of Arkansas. Unfortunately, we seem to have more rocks than soil.

The pickaxe linked above is very similar to the one I have. Our’s was given to us by a neighbor and it’s probably 50 years old.

5. Pruning Lopper

If I only had one pruning tool this would be the one. It cuts a one inch wide branch with ease. I use it for pruning my blackberries, blueberries, apple trees, lilac bushes, roses, and extra large weeds that have escaped my notice. I use it way more than I ever use my little hand held pruning shears.

6. Self Watering Seed Tray

If you haven’t used a self watering tray, you are in for a treat. You only need to water once every 4 or 5 days. I love it so much and it worked amazing for my herbs and onions which I don’t start in soil blocks.

The top tray sits on a mat that wicks up water from the tray below. It is the most sturdy seed tray I own. It has very thick plastic and I will be able to use it for many, many years to come.

The only con is you can’t use a liquid fertilizer on your seedlings. It will ruin the wicking mat. I accidentally used some diluted fish fertilizer on one of my trays and the wicking mat now smells like stinky fish haha!

7. Flame Weeder– The flame weeder is so easy and fun to use. I’m organic in my gardening and the flame weeder is a life saver for an organic gardener. We recently were prepping an area for new pear trees that was weedy and overgrown. The flame weeder had the job done in 30 minutes. Well, Cameron did help by chopping down all the brush with his chainsaw too.

The flame weeder is really effective, so effective in fact, I always have water near by if things get out of control.

The only negative about this flame weeder is you can’t use it close to plants you want to keep. It gets really hot and you could unintentionally torch a good plant while trying to kill a bad one.

I use it mostly prior to planting or in the paths between raised beds. Let’s just say I have a friend who accidentally burned up two boxwood bushes in their landscaping from using this flame weeder… OK fine, I’ll admit it. It was me.

Am I missing any great tools? Comment below if you have a favorite that is not on my list. I’d love to hear about it!

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