The Weekly Digs #120

by Becky

In the Garden 

When we sit down for dinner each night, we often ask the kids about what their rose, bud, and thorn was for the day. If you haven’t heard of this before, the “rose” is your favorite part of the day, the “bud” is what you’re looking forward to tomorrow, and the “thorn” is what you didn’t like about your day.

When I thought about what to write about the garden this week, I felt like I had a rose, a bud, and a thorn to share! Actually, I have many of each. 


  • I had a great red onion harvest this year! Some were huge! 
  • I got some new garden tools to play with (I will share more about them soon. I am testing them out now!)
  • I sowed new plants. I planted goldilock beans, buckwheat cover crop, tropicana lettuce, jericho lettuce, coastal star lettuce, and beit alpha cucumber.
  • I finally finished shooting and editing my June garden tour. It will go up on Youtube tonight or tomorrow. 
  • We have been harvesting so many carrots and have had a successful harvest.


  • I am looking forward to testing out my tools again next week. The hope is that they will help me get the weeds much more under control and in less time! Every gardener’s dream, right?!
  • I am looking forward to getting some of my garlic braided. They are ready. 
Prepping to plant beans


  • Chickens were doing a great job patrolling my garden for bugs. And then I realized they were eating more than just bugs. They pecked at a bunch of my big heirloom slicing tomatoes! 
  • Aside from the red onions, the rest of the onions I planted, yellow and white, were super small and they have severe foliar disease.
  • I had to do over the video for my garden tour 3 times. It was frustrating. My camera ran out of batteries, the mic ran out of batteries, and the wind muffled the sound too even with the big fuzzy dead cat on the microphone. I was able to put it all together but at 10x the effort. It’s hard to put a lot of work into something that I felt could be better. I usually enjoy editing and videoing but this one was a challenge.

Farm Animals

My Dad is here for several days and he is a photographer. He took some great pictures of the pigs and chickens.

Pigs love belly rubs
This is what it’s about! Happy pigs! They are living a really good life.
Broilers just a few weeks away from freezer camp

House Progress

We still don’t have a certificate of occupancy. The inspector came and said all was good except some heating and air things. The big one is our vents above the range are two separate units and they joined them in the wall with flex pipe to one solid tube that goes outdoors.

The flex pipe in the wall is a fire hazard and they need to fix it. They are going to cut a big hole in the sheet rock in the garage to get to it. We thought they could fix it from above but they said it’s not possible. Cameron thinks they are taking the easy way out. 

Hoping it will be official soon enough! I do love the house… I just can’t wait until the stress of building is over 🙂

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