The Weekly Digs #125

by Becky

We’ve gone three or maybe even four weeks without significant rainfall. I still haven’t set up any sort of irrigation (I plan on adding it next year) so I have been spending a lot of time hand watering everything. 

I was also getting worried because our orchard isn’t near water and it would take so much effort and time to get it watered. Just when I was seeing leaves yellow and everything looking so dry, we had some glorious rain! 

Picture I didn’t even realize the kids were taking because I was waiting for them to press record on the video camera. I was seeding turnips. The garden is looking much better after some rain.


We had another calf born this week! It’s a boy and Cameron was able to castrate him right away while the Mom was off eating somewhere else. Our cows escaped from their electric fencing because Cam had only set up two lines of electric fence and they were opportunistic.

Meanwhile the calf was still in the fenced area. When we got our glorious rain, it didn’t just sprinkle, we got a downpour! Cameron was concerned about the calf so he brought it over to the Mom cow and they waited out the rain in the barn. 

Cameron and I got soaked in the process as we made sure the new Mom’s instincts were kicking in. It was kind of fun though to have a good run in the rain!

Cam sent me this video (below) right after he found him!


The pigs have been eating so well lately. We have tons of garden scraps like watermelon, corn cob insides, worm filled tomatoes, and more. They LOVE it!


The last several weeks of preserving have been a doozy! I was so tired and worn out that I told Cameron we may need to downsize the garden because it was too much for me to do everything. And by everything I mean not just the garden and preserving but that in addition to all the other normal life things like cleaning, cooking, homeschooling kids, etc. 

Cameron told me he would make an effort to help more so that we could make it work. This week we did a lot of preserving and harvesting together which was so much better. Instead of going to bed at 2 or 3am, I’ve been able to get to bed at around midnight. 

My kids have been out of town for a few weeks spending time with family and they came back and were able to pitch in too. I love having helpers! Now that I’ve had some sleep, I feel so much better.

Cucumber kimchi
  • Froze around 10lbs corn
  • Canned 15 pints pizza sauce
  • Canned 18 jars salsa
  • Dehydrated red bell peppers, shredded summer squash
  • Fermented 1 gallon cucumber kimchi

In the Garden

  • We harvested all our corn and left a few on the stalks to save for seed.
  • Harvested 20lbs of green beans
  • Harvested 75lbs tomatoes
  • Planted chinese cabbage
  • Planted purple top turnips

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Amy L Taye August 16, 2021 - 1:37 am

Sad to see we’re keeping similar canning schedules. It’s awesome to see the food accumulating though! I’ve been trying to keep it to midnight as well. I highly recommend having two pressure canners. Then you can move one aside while it cools down and get another batch done instead of waiting around. It’s been a lifesaver.

theseasonalhomestead August 22, 2021 - 4:28 am

I remember you saying that when you were here. I am definitely going to get another pressure canner for next year. Also I plan on purchasing a second waterbath canner. I could use another dehydrator too, haha!!!


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