The Weekly Digs #156

by Becky

It’s been so fun getting the garden ready for spring and summer! Also, it’s been a good way to get in shape haha! I’ve been spreading mulch and compost on the garden over the last few weeks and it sure is nice to have the materials we need this year.

I took my sister Amy’s advice and decided to mulch my strawberries like hers. She mulched them in the winter with 1-2 inches of rabbit manure and deep bedding then 5-6 inches of  wood chip mulch over that. 

I did the same thing, except with compost instead of rabbit manure because we don’t have rabbits. Then added about 3 inches of wood chip mulch. I probably need to add more.

It’s spring now so a little late for the heavy mulching perhaps but luckily the plants are only just beginning to break dormancy so I think it will be ok.

Seedlings in soil blocks are popping up and growing well. So far growing seedlings in the unheated tunnel has been pretty successful. Things I’ve noticed so far:

  • The seedlings are slower to germinate than indoors. I think this is because the night time temperatures are still cold. 
  • I lost some cosmo flowers the other night because the weather said the low was 35 and it got to 25ºF. After further inspection my caterpillar tunnel had a drafty spot right under my seedlings so the tunnel wasn’t offering as much protection as I thought. I put sandbags on the plastic that was lifting there and it seems better. I’ve also been adding a row cover over the seedlings each night just in case.
Carrot seedlings finally popping up!

Fruit Tree Pruning

Cam has a friend that is an expert in fruit tree pruning. He came over to see the farm and garden but also was kind enough to prune our trees and give me some tips. It was very helpful since I’m still learning about how to do it properly. 


Turkey Poults are looking so good and healthy! It’s a huge contrast from last year when the poults we bought were so shaken up from being sent in the mail. 

Our momma hen is still sitting on the eggs. She is amazing! 

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Joanna Kowalewski March 28, 2022 - 12:48 am

It’s so exciting watching your garden grow and get bigger and better every year. I wish I knew them what I know now. I follow so many homesteaders and people like you and Cam…just eating organically and growing all of your own food. Sadly, I was struck with debilitating osteoarthritis in my spine (mostly) and I feel I missed a beautiful opportunity in my earlier years. I am only 57 and can barely stand long enough to make a sandwich 😢 But all is good because I get to watch you and your fabulous family live a dream I never knew I had ❤️

theseasonalhomestead April 4, 2022 - 10:25 pm

Praying for you Joanna! I love that even though you are going through something hard, you are so positive to others! It’s amazing. Sending hugs. – Becky

Laurel M. March 29, 2022 - 12:10 am

Hi, Becky! Do you send Amy remove the mulch from your strawberries in the spring? I have lost a lot of strawberries from crown rot and I thought it was because they were buried too deep? I’m using strawberries as a fruit tree guild this year! I hope they grow well for both of us!

Amy April 5, 2022 - 1:03 am

Sorry to hear about your crown rot! I don’t remove the mulch. My manure and mulch layer is thick in the fall, like Becky said, 6 inches or more. It composts down over winter and spring a bit. The older/weaker plants don’t come back, just the strong young runners. That way I don’t have to replace my plants as often. I also don’t have to weed the bed until late summer because the mulch does such a good job keeping last year’s weeds down.

Michelle Forry March 29, 2022 - 12:29 pm

My name is Michelle and I have been Gardening for almost 28 years now. My biggest Garden was 5000 square foot what a job that was. While at 51 I no longer need a garden of that size i do prep for one year at a time for my Husband and I and most recently my mom who is now living with us while growing more like a stranger from Alzheimer’s.

I have watched every video now that you have made and I am super proud of You and Cameron, Such an inspiration for a young family. I have recently purchased the Marquette Castings cookware ( I hope your commissions are great I spent Thousands of dollars) and i have downloaded your recipes My family loves them. Thank you! We have also ordered the Harvest right freeze dryer at my age this is easier than all the canning lol I also used your link so happy commissions for you <3 . I find my self taking your tips and applying them to my own Garden. Thank you for all your hard work and still making sure we all get to view your treasured Garden and precious family. I look forward to new videos. I share and watch them while I work each day. Happy Garden Season !

Your new follower,

Michelle Forry

theseasonalhomestead April 3, 2022 - 2:50 am

Michelle, thank you so much! The freeze dryer is wonderful, I hope you love it. We have been freeze drying so many eggs. My kids are selling 5-7 dozen a week but we still have extras so I freeze dry them all. I’m going to be experimenting with the freeze dryer more as my veggies and fruits come this spring. You are right about it being easier than canning! I’m going to say a prayer for your Mom and for you. I’ve heard it is very hard to see a family member go through Alzheimers. Wishing you a wonderful garden season as well.


PamR March 30, 2022 - 7:39 am

That reminds me I need to get my fruit trees pruned too! I hope the eggs hatch well. Today I do the 3rd seed starting, 11 trays.


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