The Weekly Digs #35

by Becky
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The search for land, or a house with land, continues. The property we looked at last month with 27 acres of land- it was very dreamy but had some quirks- is now under contract. We could make a counter offer because the seller has an escape clause but we don’t intend to do so… at least right now.

A new property came up that has 17 acres. We looked at that property yesterday. It had 6 acres of cleared usable land, and 11 acres of cliff like drop off with trees, and a creek at the bottom of the drop off which definitely seemed bigger that a creek! Cameron and the kids loved it, but in my opinion they have it listed for way too much money for a lot of unusable land.

I tried to envision us living there, but I think we will run into not having enough space again. Especially if we add livestock like I would like to do. So the search continues… And it’s probably good, because we aren’t ready to sell our house yet. We are getting a really good feel for what is out there and it is really fun to look sometimes. However, the other half of the time it feels a little bit like torture to “window shop” so much! Thankfully, as properties have come and gone, we don’t have any regrets on not buying any of them.

We are diligently praying about our choice because it is such a huge decision. We intended on staying a long time wherever we end up next.

 Kian and some French Sorrel. A favorite now in our garden thanks to my sister Amy! Kian and some French Sorrel. A favorite now in our garden thanks to my sister Amy!

In the Garden:

  • Harvesting tomatoes, peppers, winter squash, lettuce, arugula, green beans, and herbs.

  • Still watering soil block seedling until they get a bit bigger. They are fully hardened off outside.

In the Kitchen:

  • At out local farm store, I was able to get a ton of seconds of apples, pears, and grapes for half price. We make a bunch of apple chips and pear chips. Then make grape fruit leather and juice with the grapes.

  • I canned 10 quarts and 8 pints of sliced pears

  • The apple chips amounted to 3 half gallon size jars and the pear chips a pint jar. We keep eating the pear chips because they taste so much they candy. Who knew!?

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