The Weekly Digs #57

by Becky

It’s been a bizarre week. We’ve had our church get cancelled until further notice and Cameron’s office is telling him to work from home. Coronavirus is now officially a pandemic and we are feeling the effects. As I stated in my post HERE, we are prepared with the food and supplies we need to squat at home for a while. 

Our schools aren’t closed yet but I’m about ready to pull my kids out anyway. Our district is giving families the choice to school at home if they would like to do so. 

I’m excited we are heading into summer because we are just 30 days from fresh garden salads again. We need all the nutrients and vitamins we can get right now! I also have been making sure to get outside when it has been warm and sunny in an effort to soak up some vitamin D.

Winter Density Lettuce March 14th 2020

We are also just a few days away from closing on our land!!!!! We are so pumped and excited to get up there and start digging. The fruit trees will go in first. I’m also feeling really ready to put in a massive garden but hoping I don’t get in over my head. During this time of uncertainty, I’d love to be able to have enough to share with others who need it.

February 27th 2020

In the garden:


My sister Amy gave me some root cuttings for comfrey. They are the kind that don’t spread by seed. I planted them out in recycled pots and I’m hoping they sprout. I’m excited because comfrey is something I’ve wanted to plant with my fruit trees for a long time. 

Eliot Coleman Wood Seed Trays

I did an experiment with making wood seed trays like eliot coleman does for my soil blocks a few weeks ago. They are working great! But I haven’t figured out how to get my peppers to sprout. 

The heat mats don’t heat through the wood. And most of them I have elevated with wicking trays which makes it even trickier! It’s been a few weeks and I’ve had jalapenos sprout but not much else. I’m curious if the seeds are just rotting in the soil blocks. I may have to start over with those which would be a bummer!

Spring Garden Tasks

With some warm days I did some menial garden tasks like putting away row covers and plastic from winter, pruning bushes, thinning out strawberry plants, and pulling weeds.

We also started chitting some potatoes. I purchased them from our local farm store and we got Adirondack Blue, Yukon Gold, White Kennebec, and Red Pontiac. The kids wanted to have red, white and blue potatoes.

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