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I don’t normally share too much about my home or decor, but this year I wanted to show you a farmhouse Christmas tour.

When it’s cold, dark, dreary, and I’m inside more often, I get easily depressed. I’m so thankful for Thanksgiving and Christmas which remind me to be grateful and focus on Christ, who is the light, even when it’s dark outside and when I’m feeling down.

I did more decorating for Christmas than usual this year, because I needed to feel some of that joy. We made some good memories along the way by going to get a Christmas tree, making star ornaments and dried orange garland, decorating together with the Christmas music blaring, and we have started to a Christmas story each night with our Christmas book countdown.

The decor is just stuff and sometimes stuff can make us even more mentally agitated. However, for Christmas, it’s a different story for us. Cam said 3 or 4 times this year that we should leave our decorations up for longer because they make him think of Christ more often because each is a symbol of Him. I am the same way.

I really hesitated to share any of the farmhouse Christmas tour this year because it’s so different than my usual content but I felt inspired to do so. It’s a one time thing, and I’ll be back to my usual homesteading blog post and Youtube videos next week. With that said, I hope you enjoy this look in our home during the Christmas season.

This post contains affiliate links. Full disclosure can be found here.

Below I’ve linked all the Christmas decor but if you need more info about things basic things in our home like paint colors, I have all the sources HERE.

Living room

farmhouse Christmas tour


Our main living areas are where we put most of the Christmas decor. And the living room got all the love this year. We gained a new stocking on the end this year with the birth of Riggs.

I already had all the stocking holders except his. I really like the holders but do wonder how they will work out next year when we have a toddler who can pull on stockings and make them fall down. Hopefully that doesn’t happen but I have older boys who went through that stage and they were wild!

Cam made homemade wood tags for each of the stockings. We picked up a wood burning tool, alphabet wood burning letters, and wood tags (from Hobby Lobby) to put on the names of each family member.

Cam said it was super fun to do! But also takes some very careful work because you can get burned easily.

On top of the mantle, I used some faux garland but I also added some fresh cut cedar branches to add some fullness. The battery operated candles and candle stick holders are from Hobby Lobby and they were cheap and not really in a good way because they don’t fit in the holders and constantly are falling over (see picture).

Side tangent: I’m a high-low shopper. I spend more money on things that mean a lot to me like American-made, organic, and sustainable products especially with things I eat or touch (makeup, bedding, mattress, pillows). But we are still on a budget so in some areas I purchase imported products.

I regret buying the cheap stuff almost always though. It breaks, rips, gets ruined faster, and sometimes doesn’t even work. So that was a long way of saying, the candle stick holders were a regrettable purchase.


I saw on Instagram a really good tutorial for the making greenery and bows above the lights HERE. And I love how they turned out! You can find the burgundy velvet ribbon HERE. It is beautiful in person!

I don’t have of Christmas objects aside from what you see on the shelves, a white nativity set, another nativity that is grey and white wood, trees, and deer.


farmhouse christmas tour

In the kitchen, we added a large wreath above the oven. And added a couple little touches on the counter tops like cookie jars with ribbon.

Cam built this shelf custom for the space, video on how he did that is HERE. On the bottom we made garland with dried oranges. We have a dehydrator so we sliced the oranges a 1/4 inch thick and dehydrated for about 12 hours on 135ºF heat.

You can made dried oranges in the oven too, but if you already have a dehydrator it’s better to use it because the oranges come out looking more vibrant.

The mugs came from Hobby Lobby and the star garland by the dried oranges we’ve had for years and it’s not sold anymore.

I did just get the wood nativity this year but went to link it for you and it’s sold out! Bummer! It’s really pretty.

Dining room 

Farmhouse Christmas Tour

My dining room is a simple space. I think this room shows how much I enjoy visual calm. I use minimal decorations and mostly natural ones for Christmas.

My mom purchased the table cloth for us last year from Home Goods, so it’s no longer sold as far as I know. The vase is amazing for the price. I got it HERE.

Bonus room 

The bonus room is the kids domain and they decorate it. This room is very simple and hasn’t had much done to it since we moved in! Maybe someday.

We hung more dried orange garland in here and added an advent calendar to countdown the days until Christmas!

On the other side of the room, we have a tree that they cover with their ornaments. This tree is artificial but for the price, it looks pretty good.

I think I’ll always be a real tree kind of girl but this was a compromise because I loved the idea of a tree for the kids but didn’t feel comfortable with them adding water to a tree that was sitting on wall to wall carpet.


farmhouse christmas tour

The doors were the main change on the house. We painted them red on the outside (Heritage Red by Benjamin Moore is the color).

I added wreaths and tie a bow on the bottom with ribbon. Beside the doors on the outside we have some little trees. Unfortunately they are no longer available but in case they do come back in stock, I’ll link them HERE.

The black and white rug can be found HERE. And the plaid, red and green rug can be found HERE. I found the wood log holder HERE.


Christmas Primary Bedroom

Our bedroom is by far my favorite room for Christmas. We already had it painted a dark green (vintage vogue Benjamin Moore) and when we added the gingham duvet cover, shams, floral pillow cases, and the large lumbar pillow, it looked more cozy.

Then I added garland and lights and it became even more cozy and conducive to sleep! It is difficult to capture the beauty of this room on camera because it’s dark but it looks good in person.

My lamps don’t really match anymore, but I probably won’t be replacing them anytime soon since they are still functional.

Edited to add: I got an early Christmas gift this year, new sheets and new pillows. The sheets seen in the tour are our old ones. It became trendy to have higher thread count sheets several years ago and that is what we had. Cam and I would rip through and wear through our sheets very quickly because they were thin.

The other problem is that with our Birch mattress and topper, the sheets were continually popping off the corners because the they weren’t deep enough for the mattress. It was so frustrating!

I mentioned above that with things I eat, frequently touch, or sleep on, I like to get quality and USA made, organic products. After a ton of searching, I found there is only ONE 100% made in America with organic cotton sheet company.

The price is steep but for something I sleep on and put my face in each night I thought it was worth saving up for. To be clear, this company did not send me free products, I paid every bit of the cost.

The sheets came in the mail last week and they are amazing! I could feel how thick and quality they were in my hands. They aren’t smooth and silky like our other ones. They are a little more rough, but the company says they soften with each wash.

They have a two year warranty which means they stand by the quality. I really, really hope this company stays in business. If USA made and organic is something you can invest in, I highly recommend supporting this company!

I also got the wool pillows during the Black Friday Sale. Cam LOVES them. Like he tells me every single night how much better his back and neck feel. They come with a bunch of loose wool as filler so you can keep it firm or take some out for a softer pillow.

You can find the sheets and pillows HERE (I did sign up to be an affiliate after trying them because I was so excited about how good they are!) It’s one of those products that will likely be more affordable in the long run because it outlasts cheaply made textiles.


I know things are mismatch in this space but I keep those quilts there because they have special meaning. The quilt on the wall was made and gifted to me by my sister Amy and the quilt on the crib was made especially for Riggs.

We gave away all our baby things after Noelle, so we got this new crib and on the other wall is a dresser and a small three tier basket for organization.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for joining me on the farmhouse Christmas tour! I love how Christmas brings out the best in people and I feel like it brings out the best in my house too, haha. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas this year!

Here is the full tour on video:

YouTube video

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